Bronze Sculptures, Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Poetic Art Books, Landscaping Garden Paradises, Art Films, Live Theatre, Endangered Species Art and Greeting Cards & Posters, even Piano...all of these creative media are expressed by artists Peter Dudar & Sally Marr whose work is in collections around the globe.

Purchase Original Art: Bronze Sculptures / Statuary, Drawings, Paintings, Posters, Endangered Species Art, Note Cards, Peace Flags and more.


Drawings of Animals - Endangered Species, Sculptures of Bronze Statuary, Figures, Portraits; Surrealist Paintings; Poetry and Music, as well as Live Theatre, Art Films, and Paradise Gardens...the artistry of Sally Marr and Peter Dudar expresses in sundry forms.  Both are Classical artists dedicated to serving our exquisite Planet Earth and promoting Peace.
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Our approach to film is 30 paintings per second!  An awards winner, ARLINGTON WEST is a tapestry of 105 heartfelt interviews with soldiers and military families from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It has screened to over 100 million people globally.  Their art films have opened film festivals worldwide. CROSS MY HEART, their first operetta, is now performed in schools.
Arlington West Flim Cross Heart The Play

FLEAWORLD is a two-acre paradise at an historic 1920’s Moorish villa.  Created by Marr and Dudar for Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, there are 12 unique gardens in one!  ISOLA BELLA COURTYARD intoxicates the senses with perfumes of Madagascar Jasmine, Angel Trumpets and Burmese Honeysuckle. Art and animal pottery abound in all their landscapes.
Wishing Well Garden and Landscape Design - Flea's Garden

The colored stripes represent All Races as well as the myriad of Earth’s other children; Her exquisitely diverse Plant and Animal Kingdoms, Pure Air, Crystalline Streams, Fertile Soil, Microbes, Mountains, Insects, Deserts, Rainforests, Ice-Capped Poles, Boundless Oceans teeming with life…and CHOCOLATE! This flag has circulated around our precious planet!
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