ALINGTON WEST Two Classroom Versions

Every Sunday, the Veterans for Peace erects temporary cemeteries to show the human cost of war. This ocean of over 5,500 crosses for our fallen Soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan elicits heartfelt interviews with active military traveling to and from war zones and grieving military families. Exhausted Soldiers with PSD, some crippled or poisoned by Depleted Uranium , Many who joined the armed services for an education, express their feelings along with military families whose loved ones committed suicide. An Army Brigadier General, Member of the New Draft Board, Military Recruiter, and wise children add their perspectives!

ARLINGTON WEST 45 minute, classroom version with two new shocking interviews.

ARLINGTON WEST 28 minute, classroom version with Spanish subtitles.

DVD also includes two short films: "A MAN OF CONSCIENCE" and "JESUS, SOLDIER WITHOUT A COUNTRY"

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Voices From War

Voices From War